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Frequently Asked Questions

About Local Per Diem

Why should I consider working local per diem with PRCS?
Working per diem offers excellent choices and flexibility!

  • Work when you want, and how much you want
  • Earn additional income when you need it
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Variety of Assignments
  • Exposure to Different Facilities and Clinical Environments
  • Short term Assignments State Wide

What kind of per diem work does PRCS offer?
PRCS offers daily local work to RTs, RNs, and Rehab therapists.

What does PRCS offer for per diem assignments?
Top Hourly Rates, Benefit Package, Daily Pay, 24/7 clinical support!

About Travel

Why should I consider a travel assignment?
Travel assignments offer you the opportunity to see different parts of the country, while earning excellent compensation! Most travelers do it for the combination of pay, locations, benefits, and career opportunities. Think of it as a working vacation!

What is important in being successful as a traveler?
Being a team player, maintaining a positive attitude, and having the flexibility to adapt to new environments quickly are qualities that will make you successful in travel!

What kind of travel assignments does PRCS offer?
PRCS offers assignments to RTs, RNs, and Rehab Therapists across the country! Most all of our assignments are offered in hospital, acute care settings. If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who is interested in a travel job or a full time opportunity, contact us. You may be eligible for a Referral Bonus!

What are the minimum requirements to become a traveler?
Most assignments require the traveler to have graduated from an accredited healthcare professional program , and to have at least one year of hospital experience.

What is the average length of travel job assignments?
Most travel assignments are 13-26 weeks in length, however, they can vary depending on the particular assignment. They can be as short as one month and as long as one year.

How can I be sure that there will always be travel job assignments available?
PRCS is committed to offering the best in travel assignment choices! We have travel jobs available nationwide and do our very best to connect you with the location of your choice, however an assignment may not be available in the destination at that particular time. Our extensive client network is comprised of major hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide so we do have a large pool of exciting travel jobs available. That, combined with our more than 25 years of healthcare staffing experience, means we're able to locate specific healthcare jobs that smaller firms do not have the resources to identify. So, tell us where you want to go and we'll go to work to help you get there.

How quickly can you locate a healthcare job for me?
Travel assignments post every day! Needs are constantly being added and updated.  Once your application is complete and approved, you could begin your travel assignment within one week! On average, it takes us from one to four weeks from your initial contact with us until you actually begin a travel job or full-time assignment.

About PRCS

Why should I choose PRCS over other staffing firms?
With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare staffing and being healthcare clinicians ourselves, we understand the environment you work in, and the challenges you face caring for patients in a high stress environment. As well, we are committed to helping you meet the goals you have for your career and your life, with personal and individual attention. As a result, our business has been established largely upon referrals from happy employees. PRCS is a small to medium size firm with lots of flexibility. Therefore, we can typically offer HIGHER COMPENSATION PACKAGES than the competition.

Is PRCS certified by the Joint Commission?
Yes! PRCS was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval through the Joint Commission's Health Care Staffing Services (HCSS) Certification Program and therefore, is committed to high standards of excellence regarding the placement of all healthcare talent.

Getting Started

What do I need to do to start working with PRCS?
The first step is to reach out to us! PRCS takes great pride in getting to know each of our travelers individually! Let's discuss your goals, what interests you, what your ideal assignment looks like, and how we can help. Then, you will need to complete our online application, a skills checklist, as well as provide us an updated resume and current references. Then we'll begin identifying exciting travel jobs nationwide that fit your preferences.

What obligation am I under after I submit an application?
You are under no obligation to PRCS after you submit your application. Once we have found a travel assignment for you and you sign a contract, you will then be officially hired and brought onboard as a PRCS employee!

How is my travel assignment determined?
Once your application is approved, and after discussing your travel assignment wish list and preferences, PRCS will present a variety of assignments to you, including details on the facility, unit, shifts, location and pay packages. We will then schedule telephone interviews with the assignments you are most interested in.

The PRCS Traveling Experience

Once I accept an assignment, what happens from there?
Once you have accepted your assignment, PRCS will confirm your assignment and all of its specifics, including pay package, start date, duration, shift, etc. We will send you an official Assignment Offer and Employment Agreement for you to review and sign. You will also receive a complete on boarding package with all the information you will need to start your travel assignment.

How do I get to my assignment?
PRCS offers travel reimbursement based upon the IRS mileage rates, up to the cap defined in your Assignment Agreement. Generally, we recommend you drive your car so you have a means of transportation once you arrive. However, if your assignment is in a major city where parking is scarce and public transportation is readily available, you may choose to fly, in which case you will also be reimbursed under the same guidelines. PRCS can assist in securing flight reservations.

Where will I live while on assignment?
Your comfort and safety is of the utmost importance to us! We can customize your housing options to meet your individual needs. Our Travel Coordinator, along with your Recruiter, will work together to provide you with high quality, furnished housing options. PRCS covers the cost of your housing. If you choose to secure your own housing, you will receive a housing reimbursement.

What benefits will I receive while traveling?
Along with great compensation and pay packages, PRCS travel assignments offer a comprehensive benefit plan including medical/dental/vision coverage, Licensure assistance & reimbursement, automatic enrollment in our Retirement / Profit Sharing Plan, and Professional Liability Coverage. Contact us for specific details.

When and how am I paid?
Most PRCS travel assignments pay weekly. PRCS also offers Direct Deposit to the bank of your choice.

Are taxes taken out of my check?
Yes. As a PRCS employee, we handle your withholding taxes and will send you a W2 at the end of the year. As with most tax-related questions, it depends on your individual situation. PRCS recommends all travel healthcare professionals consult a tax advisor to ensure they are properly managing the tax implications of their travel assignments.

Once I'm on my assignment, can I leave if I do not like it?
No. You are obligated to the facility and to PRCS to complete the travel assignment you have chosen. That being said, PRCS is committed to assisting you in addressing and resolving any issues that come up while on assignment.

What if I have a problem with my assignment or housing while I'm on an assignment?
PRCS is committed to staying connected with you. Our customer support team is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year, with a PRCS staff member available at all times to help you.

What happens when my travel job assignment is completed?
As you are working in your assignment, your PRCS Recruiter is in regular contact with you. We are in tune with you on how you are doing, and what your career goals are after you complete your current assignment. If you'd like to extend your stay, you can choose to sign a new contract and continue your assignment for a set amount of time. Or, you can stop shopping for a new assignment with us, or take some time off. The choice is yours!

Can I travel with a friend, relative, or pet?
Absolutely! Many travelers choose to travel with a family member, friend, or pet. We understand that your pet is your family! Should you choose to bring a pet, you will be responsible for any pet fees required by the housing complex, as well as any difference in housing arrangements. Contact your PRCS Recruiter or Travel Coordinator with any special requests.

What if I don't want to travel anymore, can PRCS help me find a permanent job?
Yes! PRCS offers permanent placement positions across the country. Our goal is to identify your desired geographical location, ideal clinical setting, with a strong pay package, let us begin searching for that rewarding career that matches your wish list!

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